BD Foley

BD Foley is a retired covert operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). His career lead him to far-flung places, adventure, friendship, and even a wife he "recruited" in the Congo. As an intelligence officer in the world of espionage, he hunted for sources and was hunted by others in turn. Since retirement he has mostly avoided hunting of any kind but kept busy building a barn, raising children and chickens, working as a job coach for disabled, and teaching classes as a substitute teacher--the latter pursuit being probably his most challenging endeavor! The Foley family resides in Utah.

"Mr. Foley brings down-to-earth and practical security and tradecraft tips for not just women, but also for anyone who wants to be safer. Definitely worth reading." Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Corporation

"The intrigue of Mr. Foley's real-life spy experiences and the warmth of his wisdom will help turn naive schoolgirls into street-smart women." Karen Nickl, PhD, psychologist


With the wisdom and humor of someone who's been there, Foley gives tips and safety techniques that are sensible and relatable. Get your personal CIA training today and never get caught as a victim.